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wallpaper magic

The web has many free pictures, photos, clip art, and background patterns that are just a click away from becoming your computer wallpaper.   Wallpaper Magic makes it easy to collect, manage, and display your pictures no matter how big your collection.

Best of all Wallpaper Magic is FREE for personal use up to 15 pictures!  Read on to find out why it's the one wallpaper tool you just shouldn't be without..

Screen Shot Wallpaper Magic is packed with features that make it easy to collect pictures from any source including the web, newsgroups, digital cameras or scanned images.  In fact, virtually any picture you can see on your computer screen can be used as wallpaper using the "paste from clipboard" feature.   If you already have your digital photo collection on your hard drive it just takes a few seconds to add them to Wallpaper Magic.

To display your pictures in a screen saver as well you can use Wallpaper Magic Screen Saver Edition. It's packed with all the features of Wallpaper Magic plus it includes a customizable screen saver with cool transition effects.

Features in Wallpaper Magic 2.5

NEW! Click and Pick    Right click on the desktop control icon displays thumbnails of your favorite pictures, another click sets your wallpaper.

NEW! Transparent Icons    Click the desktop control icon to make your desktop icons transparent or hide them completely for a better view of your wallpaper.

NEW! Live Preview    Get your wallpaper settings right the first time using the new live preview feature. Make your adjustments and hit Preview to see the effects of your changes immediately.

NEW! Printing    Print your pictures to your colour printer.

NEW! Directory Monitoring    With active directory monitoring Wallpaper Magic can detect new picutres added to your hard drive and add them silently or prompt you. Wallpaper Magic comes pre-configured to monitor your desktop, so adding new pictures is as easy as saving them on your desktop.

NEW! Windows Policy    Support for Windows policy settings makes it easy to use Wallpaper Magic in an administered network environment.

NEW! Logged Out Wallpaper    Now you can set the wallpaper that appears before you login and after you log out on Windows NT/2000/XP systems.

Support for Removable Media    The size of your wallpaper collection is no longer limited by the size of your hard drive. Now you can run your wallpaper from removeable media like CD-ROM, ZIP disks, or even network drives. When the disk is inserted, wallpaper from the disk will be available for display!

Wallpaper From The Web!    When you see a cool picture, graphic, or background on the web, point at it, right click, then select Save Image As or Set As Wallpaper.   Wallpaper Magic will prompt you for a unique file name and save the image to your hard disk.

Adding Wallpaper    It's never been so easy to add wallpaper!   Just Drag and Drop files into Wallpaper Magic, or use the new Find feature to search for pictures anywhere on your hard disks, CD-ROM, or network drives.   Wallpaper Magic can even watch your incoming email for new pictures to add as wallpaper.

Email Wallpaper    Email your favorite vacation photos to friends with the built in email function.   When you receive pictures in email, let the email monitor add them to Wallpaper Magic automatically.

Customize Each Wallpaper Picture    7 display modes to scale your picture to any size.   The Seamless setting can transform the look of your tiled wallpaper.   Let Wallpaper Magic set your desktop icon color to match the wallpaper, or choose a specific color from the wallpaper picture itself.

Make It Personal    Give each picture your very own funny or descriptive caption and have the caption appear on top of the wallpaper.

Organize Wallpaper with Groups    Place wallpaper into groups, then control what is displayed during a slideshow by enabling or disabling specific groups.

Run a Wallpaper Slideshow!    Don't get stuck with just one wallpaper.   Change your wallpaper each time you start Windows, or run a slideshow to change your wallpaper every few seconds, minutes, or hours!

Take Control    The Wallpaper Magic Bottle and Desktop Control icons lets you easily access the most common wallpaper management functions.

Manage your Wallpaper    Wallpaper Magic easy to use interface and smart features make it easy to manage your wallpaper.   It's easy to change properties for one or many pictures at a time, send email, or delete outdated pictures.

Paste Wallpaper From Clipboard    Copy a bitmap picture to the Windows Clipboard from any application, then paste it into Wallpaper Magic to set your wallpaper!   You can even copy your entire desktop or a single application window for use as your desktop wallpaper - just use the Windows PrintScreen or Alt-PrintScreen functions to copy your current desktop or application window, then paste it into Wallpaper Magic.

Hide Desktop Icons    Are icons cluttering up your desktop?   Just use the Hide Desktop Icons feature to clean things up and get a better view of your wallpaper.

Customer Comments

Nothing speaks louder than the words of our customers..

"I love being able to save anything I want as wallpaper."

"The trial was free - so I thought I'd give it a try. What did I have to lose. Well, I soon found that I couldn't live without it."

"Thanks for the program. I am a true fan! I've personally had 5 members of my family sign up!"

Le Enderle

"I am glad that I downloaded and registered this program because I love it."
Marvin Jay Fogel

"So far it has been crash proof. Works all the time and it never screws up other programs. It also is very easy to use."

"When I upgraded you answered my emails which added to my faith in your company's ability to support the product. You have provided outstanding support when I needed it most. Other companies could learn a lesson from you."

Kerry Berg

"Wallpaper Magic is one of my favorite programs. It turned my boring, flat desktop into a window on the world. Depending on my mood, I can display my collection of nature photographs, my favorite artwork, or just something that makes me smile. Wallpaper Magic 2.0 now gives me even better image versatility. Thanks"
Stephen Anderson

Wallpaper Magic Reviews and Ratings editors rated it 5 stars!

ZDNet Archive gives it a Editors' Pick rating!
"Add some spice to your desktop with Wallpaper Magic."
"This extraordinary tray-based utility lets you select and preview images from any folder.."
"If you're a wallpaper nut who still hasn't found the perfect utility to manage your backgrounds, try Wallpaper Magic and learn all it has to offer from its well-written help file."

Galt Shareware Zone
"Great tool for managing your desktop wallpaper."

Pass the Shareware
"..the ultimate tool for managing your desktop wallpaper! With WM you can maintain a list of wallpaper images, randomly display your wallpaper each time you reload Windows, create a wallpaper slideshow with your images, and capture pictures as you surf the Web and use them as your desktop wallpaper!"

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