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What Is It?

RealTimeDB is a set of applications and development tools that encompass all of the logic required to write software that dynamically displays changes to database data in real time.

Why would I want to use it?

Client / server systems that display data in real time can be extremely complex and cumbersome to design, often requiring the use of expensive middleware with a steep learning curve.

RealTimeDB allows you to leverage your existing client/server database skills, by interfacing to your database server and displaying data directly from your database tables.  All the complexity of real time updates are hidden in the various components of the system.

If your project plan includes a big "unknown" next to real time updates, RealTimeDB can play a key role in bringing your project in on time and on budget.

What does a typical implementation look like?

The following system diagram displays the components that make up a typical RealTimeDB implementation.

That looks pretty complicated.. how long does it take to implement a new system?

Using RealTimeDB a typical application can be put together in a single afternoon.

What databases are supported?

RealTimeDB has been designed to work with any relational database that supports SQL, triggers, stored procedures, and external user defined functions in DLLs.  Currently only databases running on a Windows platform are supported.

We have standardized on using "X" to connect to our database.  Is that supported?

The RealTimeDB components can use most TDataSet descendants to interface to the database.

What development tools are supported?

VCL components for Delphi 4, 5, 6, and C++ Builder 4, 5 are available.

Can I see it in action?

Yes!  Download the demonstration program and install it on up to three client computers.


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