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ComCFG Home Page
Welcome to the ComCFG Home Page!

ComCFG is the simplest way to ensure your PC's com ports are configured correctly.

ComCFG fixes Com Port Packing, a problem that can affect all PCs, and can render your com ports inaccessible to DOS and Windows applications.

Once installed, ComCFG is very unintrusive. Each time you start your PC, ComCFG quietly sorts out any problems which may have been caused by Com Port Packing, then displays a list of the com ports you have installed.

Just some of the problems you could run into when Com Port Packing hits:

  • You try to set up a head to head serial link game, but you can't get the two PCs to talk to each other.
  • You install an internal modem, but your software tells you that com port doesn't exist.
  • You configure one of your com ports for a different location, but it doesn't appear there.
  • You finally plug something into that extra com port you have but have never used, and it doesn't seem to work.
If you're experiencing a problem like this, take a moment to download and install ComCFG. When run, ComCFG will report if you are having a problem with Com Port Packing and will fix it.

Click here to go to the Downloads page.

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